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All Students

Dates for classes are Proposed Dates; call to confirm.

$100 deposit per Reiki or Magnified Healing® class paid at least 1 day before class starts.

Pay with Paypal: go to www.paypal.com and send money to myra@reikihealingcenter.org

To send a check please call me and I will give my address.
Myra Reichel

To register call or email Myra.

Myra Reichel's Phone: 610-348-5698

Myra Reichel's email address: myra@reikihealingcenter.org
email Myra


Discounts are available for low income clients and veterans from Myra. Community Reiki is avaiable for $5 to $20 donation at set times; see schedule.

Mikao Usui, Founder of ReikiReiki Classes

Reiki I Shoden (12 CEU) (10CNE)

during this 12 hours of class you will become a Reiki I Practitioner. You will learn the history and meaning of Reiki (spiritually guided life force energy); learn the Reiki precepts and how to use them in meditation; learn the hand positions to do Reiki for yourself and the hand positions for doing Reiki for others; in addition you will learn Japanese Reiki Techniques including qui gong, meditations, breathing exercises and other techniques. 

You will receive 2 reiju blessings and 4 attunements to assist you to pull additional energy into and through your body. During the classes, you will receive a minimum of 2 Reiki mini-sessions. You will learn how to offer a Reiki session to another person and experience doing Reiki for another person at least once during the class. You will receive a Reiki I Shoden workbook and Reiki I Shoden Certificate.

 After the class you will be able to perform self Reiki to assist yourself with relaxation, stress reduction, reduced anxiety, better physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health; receive the benefits of doing meditation and qui gong, and various other techniques; ability to volunteer offering Reiki sessions to family and friends, as well as to participate offering Reiki during Reiki Shares with other Reiki Practitioners, and to offer Reiki mini-sessions during Community Reiki times

$100 deposit in advance with $250 paid on first day of class totaling $4400 for the 12 hours of class. online is $250.

Reiki I Shoden Secondary Course (6 CEU for Massage Therapist or Bodyworker)
Live /Distance Learning

During this class , if you already have a Reiki 1 certificate from any lineage, you can learn Reiki 1 Practitioner Japanese Reiki and opportunity to renew at least 1 Reiki 1 attunement. You will receive at least one Reiki mini-session and you will have the opportunity to offer Reiki to others during the class to prepare for offering Reiki sessions as a volunteer. Receive Reiki I Shoden Workbook and Reiki I Shoden Secondary Course Certificate. 

Pick 1 date for 6 hour class or 2 dates for two 3 hour classes. Pick 2 three hour or 1 six-hour class either a (if you want more instruction) or b (if you already are familiar with the Japanese Reiki Techniques) from list in newsletter or on calendar or schedule by appointment

$200 for 6 hours of class. $100 deposit is required by 3 days in advance and balance of $100 on day of first class. Note: only 1 student needed to ensure class runs (you can still register for the class up to the day of the class).

Reiki II Okuden Live/Online 12 hours (Nurses receive 10 CNE)

You can take this course if you already have a Reiki 1 Certificate or higher from any lineage. In this class you will learn comparison between the Eastern and Western views of Reiki. You will enhance your understanding of the history and meaning of Reiki; learn 3 Reiki II Symbols, their history, meaning, drawing, chants and jumon; plus you will learn the Reiki I Shoden and Reiki II Okuden Japanese Reiki Techniques including meditations, qui gong, and other techniques. You will practice self-Reiki, offering Reiki to others, chanting the symbols, plus various techniques and meditations.

You will receive 2 Reiju, 3 attunements, at least one Reiki mini-session, if you wish you can  start charging for Reiki sessions both in-person and remotely, as well as to charge for house clearings; a Reiki II Okuden Workbook, and a Reiki II Okuden Certificate.  

Fee: $500 ($100 deposit by 3 days in advance and balance of $400 on first day of class.

Reiki II Okuden Secondary Course:  You must have a Reiki II or higher Certificate any lineage to take this course. The reasons for you to take this course include learning the Japanese Reiki Techniques; deepening your practice of Reiki by performing self-Reiki, offering Reiki sessions to others; receiving 1 Reiju and 1 Reiki attunement for renewal of your connection to Reiki; to look deeper into the history, meaning, and ways to use your 3 Reiki II Symbols; to learn the chants and jumon associated with the Reiki II symbols; and if you wish to charge fees you will have more experience to feel more comfortable charging fees for giving Reiki sessions both in-person and remotely, as well as charging for performing house clearings. 

6 hours pick either 2 three-hour classes or 1 six hour class of Reiki II b (the b class addresses all 3 symbols while the a classes only addresses the first 2 symbols). Choose from classes on calendar or list on newsletter or schedule by appointment. $225 ($100 deposit by 3 days in advance balance of $125 on first day of class. Note: only 1 student needed to ensure class runs (you can still register for the class up to the day of the class).

ReikiReiki Master Practitioner (RMP) if you have completed a Reiki II class or higher of any lineage you can take this 12 hour class to become a Reiki Master Practitioner. Half of this class is retaking the second half of Reiki II Okuden with the focus of learning more fully the Japanese Reiki Techniques; deepening your practice of Reiki by performing self-Reiki, offering Reiki sessions to others; renewing your connection to Reiki by receiving a reiju; looking deeper into the history, meaning, and ways to use your 3 Reiki II Symbols; learning the chants and jumon associated with the Reiki II symbols.

During the additional 6 hours you will receive a reiju blessing and your Reiki Master Attunement; learn the Reiki Master healing technique and additional Reiki Master Japanese Reiki Techniques.  At this level you have more tools and experience to access during your self-Reiki practice and with others. You have permission, if you wish, to work with clients and can charge fees for in-person or remote sessions, as well as house clearings and you have the addition of the Reiki Master Symbol and its chants and jumon to assist you.

You will receive 2 reiju and 1 or more attunements; receive 2 workbooks both Reiki Okuden and Part 1 Shinpiden Workbook; a Reiki Master Practitioner Certificate. You will be able to advance to Karuna Reiki® 1 & 2 after 6 months of practice as a professional or 1 year practice with your Reiki Master Practitioner level.

In Part 1 the student will learn the chants and jumon for the Reiki 2 symbols, Japanese Reiki techniques, and participation in 1-3PM Reiki Share/Community Reiki.
In Part 2 the student will receive their Reiki Master Attunement and practice Reiki, giving and receiving Reiki sessions. In the Part 2 class  student will receive Reiki Master Attunement and participate in Joan Nikelsky’s Reiki Share/Community Reiki from 12:30-2:30PM.
A class is a total of 12 hours over 2 or more days. Reiki Master Practitioner comes with two workbooks (Reiki II Okuden and Shinpiden Reiki Master Book 1) and a Reiki Master Practitioner Certificate.
Prerequisite is Reiki 2 from any lineage. Students who complete Reiki Master Practitioner can go on to take Part 3 and Part 4 Reiki Master Shinpiden to learn the Attunement and reiju process.
Fee: $500. $100 deposit will hold your space for Reiki Master Practitioner with the balance of $400 due at the first class for a total of $500.

Reiki Master Practitioner Secondary Course If the student has taken Reiki II Okuden Secondary Course within 12 months prior they can take the Reiki Master Attunement portion of the Reiki Master Practitioner class for $100 deposit plus $150 on day of class totaling $250

Shinpiden Reiki Master: Live/Online.  Nurses taking this level receive (22 CNE) for the 24 hours of classes. If you meet the prerequisite of Reiki II or higher of any lineage, you can learn to become a Reiki Master in this lineage called Shinpiden. You will learn the Japanese Reiki Techniques including meditations, breathing exercises, etc as well as, Reiki II Okuden chants and jumon, Reiki Master Symbol with its chants and jumon, and how to perform reiju and attunements to be able to teach Reiki to others and work as a professional Shinpiden Reiki Master. Pick Shinpiden classes shown in calendar of listed in newsletter or schedule by appointment.

Four  classes are needed to complete this level. Receive 4 workbooks (Reiki I Shoden, Reiki II Okuden, Shinpiden Book I, and Shinpiden Book II) and permission to use the material in your practice, Shinpiden Reiki Master Certificate for $800 ($200 deposit by 3 days in advance of start and 2nd payment balance of $300 is due first day of class and final balance of $300 is due at the start of the remaining 12 hours of class. Note: only 1 student needed to ensure class runs (you can still register for the class up to the day of the class).

Shinpiden  Reiki Master Live/Online

Reiki Master Shinpiden is for those students who have completed the 12 hours of Reiki Master Practitioner RMP or first half of Shinpiden Reiki Master or its equivalent. Copies of your Reiki Certificates and $100 deposit are needed to register for this class.

These additional 12 hours of class are for those who already have their Reiki Master Symbol who are ready to learn the procedures for reiju and Reiki attunements. This class focuses on the preparation needed and the steps to perform reiju as done by Usui’s students in Japan and the attunement process as handed down from Usui’s student Hayashi through Mrs. Takata. Other techniques and Master to Master healing session will also be practiced as taught by the International House of Reiki lineage.

Reiki Master Shinpiden (Second half of Shinpiden Reiki Master) includes 12 classroom hours where students learn the attunement and reiju process to be able to teach and attune their own students. Permission is also given students so that they can access the printer to print materials from this lineage to teach their own students. Students receive two additional workbooks, both the Reiki I Shoden workbook (so you can teach Reiki 1 in this lineage) and the Shinpiden Reiki Master Book 2 which contains the reiju and attunement preparation and procedures. Either a Reiki Master Shinpiden or Shinpiden Reiki Master Certificate is received upon completion. Total $500.

Please note: these 12 hours are the second half of the 24 hour Shinpiden Reiki Master. Shinpiden Reiki Master gives 22 Continuing Nurses Education Units approved by the American Holistic Nursing Association for the 24 hours of class work.

Those who have a Reiki Master/Shinpiden/Reiki Master Shinpiden/Shinpiden Reiki Master certificate who can demonstrate knowledge of information and techniques taught by the International House of Reiki for this level can also take one or more days of this class for review.

Copies of your Reiki Certificates and $100 deposit are needed to register for this class. Students pay $100 per 6 hours of class during classes with another student who is paying the full price or review student pays $250 per 6 hours if they are the only student.

PRICES: Reiki I Shoden is $350 or Reiki II Okuden are $500 for 12 hours each and Reiki Master Practitioner and Reiki Master Shinpiden are $500 for 12 hours each. Shinpiden Reiki Master (a combination of Reiki Master Practitioner and Reiki Master Shinpiden) is 24 hours of classes for $900.

Karuna Reiki ®

Live /Distance Learning

Karuna Reiki ®1 a is an 8 hour class (8CEU for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers) prerequisite is your completion of Reiki Master Practitioner/Reiki Master/ Reiki III any lineage at least 6 months prior to class you must show your certificate and verify you have been working with the Reiki Master Symbol. Learn 4 additional symbols that can work at cellular level to heal past lives, heal child abuse and karmic issues, unconscious patterns, shadow self, sexual and physical abuse issues, dispels psychic and psychological attacks, heal relationships, develop good habits, heal addictions, develop compassionate action, contact spiritual beings, heal lower chakras, clear the mind, clear room of negative energies, harmonize upper and lower chakras, create determination and completion, and/or manifest material goals. Chanting and toning are part of this class. The class includes official workbook and certificate for $350.

Fee: $350, $100 deposit in advance

Karuna Reiki® 1 Secondary Course - 4 hours

Prerequisite: Students who already have a Karuna Reiki® Certificate any level, please send copy of highest level certificate you have for Karuna Reiki®.

If you already have a Karuna Reiki ® certificate you can take this Karuna Reiki® 1 Secondary Course which will be offered for 4 hours. Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers can receive 4 CEU for half the class as title Karuna Reiki ® 1 Secondary Course approved through the NCBTMB

Fees:  $100 deposit and balance of $50 due first day of class for a total of $150 for 4 hour workshop including a break. No workbook is given for this class. Please being your workbook with you to class.
Karuna Reiki® 1 Secondary Course Certificate is from the Reiki Healing Center and includes 4 CEU approved by the NCBTMB for massage therapists and bodyworkers

Karuna Reiki ® 2 can be scheduled by appointment if you already have you Karuna Reiki ® 1 certificate. You receive an official Workbook and Certificate. Learn an additional 4 Karuna Reiki ® symbols along with their chants and toning to connect the higher and lower self, improve learning ability, heal communication, increase creativity, claim your power, heal co-dependence and reality awareness, empower your goals, heal the earth, bring peace and trust into your life, heal insomnia, fear and panic, manifest best results, increase clairvoyance, ground, manifest goals, create priorities, and heal the human race for 8 hour class for $300.

Karuna Reiki® 2 Secondary Course b is for those with Karuna Reiki® 1 or higher who want to go over information and trade sessions. Please bring your Workbook and Certificate to class. Class can be scheduled during time set aside for Karuna classes or by appointment $100. 

Karuna Reiki ® Master can be scheduled if you have Reiki Master/Shinpiden/Reiki IV Certificate for minimum of six months and have been taught how to attune others and have attuned and taught any lineage Reiki to others. Class includes attunement procedure for attuning those who already have their Usui Master Symbol to Karuna Reiki® using 4 Reiki symbols, workbook and certificate from International Center for Reiki Training so you can purchase class materials from them. The 8 hour class is $300.

Karuna Reiki® Master entire course by appointment: prerequisite Reiki Master or Shinpiden any lineage and have already taught students includes workbook and official certificate. The 24 hours of classes is $900. Karuna Reiki ® Master by appointment.

Reiki Reviews

Reiki Review: Audit – Student Teaching
Pre-requisite: Certificate for whichever level of Reiki you wish to take. Come participate in a whole Reiki class to review information or learn the Japanese techniques up to your current level and receive a Reiju or a re-attunement to your current level. A great way to refresh your interest in Reiki. Attend an existing class $200 per 12 hour group class.

Private Reiki Review. $75 per hour. Come receive a Reiju or re-attunement to your current level of Reiki. Learn or re-learn Japanese Reiki techniques appropriate for your level of training. Great way to refresh your interest in Reiki and learn some new techniques that are of interest to you.

Please call Myra 610-348-5698 to schedule classes, sessions, trades or review materials.

Qigong and Tai Chi Classes

Qigong and Tai Chi class on Mondays from 7-8PM at for Media Borough Hall is $50 for 10 classes for Media residents, otherwise $55.

Check with teacher for class dates. No classes held on Monday Holidays. Held at the Media Borough Hall Community Center between Monroe and Jackson Sts enter from 4th St. Go in door to left of Police Station. Myra Reichel assists with class.

Call Cheryl Macklin 610-247-4595. Email: cam2506@me.com

Qigong and Tai Chi class on Fridays ongoing -1-1:45PM open to all. Donations appreciated not required. No classes on holidays. Media Fellowship House, 302 South Jackson St, Media, PA 19063

Call Myra Reichel 610-348-5698 Email:myra@reikihealingcenter.org

Holistic Practitioner & sub courses

Live Courses

Want to start your own holistic practice?

Holistic Practitioner  a and b or b and a (12 CEU) The total class is  2 six hour classes to learn the basics of setting up a holistic practice. Self care is important for practitioners so we will discuss and practice self care as part of class. We will also practice giving sessions to work on and develop skills.

Course may be taken as 2 six-hour classes in either order class a then class b or class b then class a for $300 per 12 hours of class. You can also take class a or class b as a Secondary Course (6CEU) for $150 for 6 hours of class, or part of a class or part of b class as Conversations (4CEU) for $100 for 4 consecutive hours of an a or b class, or as Chapters (2CEU) $50 for 2 consecutive hours of a or b class.

Please discuss your needs with teacher prior to class so appropriate topics are chosen. Myra Reichel 610-348-5698.

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