Gurdjieff meetings at the Reiki Healing Center.

The Philadelphia area Gurdjieff group, started in the early 70's by Mr. Nyland's students, is seeking new and old students to study and practice Gurdjieff's three centered approach to self development.

GurdjieffMeetings typically consist of a reading from Gurdjieff's books: "All and Everything" or "Meetings with Remarkable Men". The reading is followed by a description and discussion of Gurdjieff's Work on Oneself.

We welcome those interested in investigating the practice of Gurdjieff teachings to join us for our Reading and Introductory Meetings in Media.

In addition to meetings we work on projects together in order to put the fundamentals of Work on Oneself into practice in everyday life. To broaden the scope of our working together and take advantage of movements lessons, periodic trips are scheduled to The Institute for Religious Development in New York as well as California, Arizona, and other group locations.

Introduction to the ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff

Series of 6 intro meetings then join group. $10 donation per meeting.

Led by Myra Reichel, a member of the Institute for Religious Development since 1971, who studied with its founder Mr. W.M. Nyland, a direct student of Mr. Gurdjieff.

Potential students must read first and last chapter of G.I. Gurdjieff’s book All and Everything, Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson.

It is suggested that you meet with Ms. Reichel before starting the series. During the meetings we read from All and Everything, read excerpts from 2500 meetings led by Mr. Nyland, explore our formation of interest in these ideas, development of a wish to achieve our aims, and form definitions of words to describe our experiences. Media, PA  


Call for information. 610-348-5698